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Chris Hurley, lawyer for 15 men who were sexually molested by serial pedophile Thomas Hacker, was interviewed by CBS TV news.

Hurley told the reporter that, like earlier scandals in the Roman Catholic Church and at Penn State University, the Boy Scouts of America did nothing to stop Hacker.

"The ultimate sort of insult that's occurred is they find out now that the scouts knew about [Hacker's previous attacks] long before it happened," said Hurley.


Christopher Hurley appeared on CBS Chicago Channel 2 to announce that he was filing a lawsuit agaginst the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of sixteen former Boy Scouts from the Chicago area molested by their scout leader, Thomas Hacker.

In the interview Christopher Hurley described the former scout leader, Thomas Hacker, as "the worst pedophile in United States history."  Hacker was allowed to join the Boy Scouts despite having already been convicted three times for sexual abuse.  

"The ultimate insult now is that they found out that the Scouts knew about it long before it happened," said Chris Hurley. 


"These victims, and their parents, placed their trust and confidence in the Boy Scouts, and the Scouts let them down," attorney Chris Hurley said in a statement. "When abuse was reported, BSA turned its back and not only ignored the victims, but continued to let Hacker snake through the system."

Documents show that Boy Scouts had a confidential file on Hacker in 1970 based on reports that he'd been arrested in Indiana for sexually assaulting boys in scouting and at a school where he taught. The arrest led to a felony conviction, yet Hacker resurfaced as a scoutmaster in the Chicago suburbs in 1971 and by the end of that year had been arrested again.

Hurley said Hacker moved from council to council over two decades.


Christopher T. Hurley, managing partner of Chicago-based firm Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C., discussed how the doctrine of fraudulent concealment essentially resets the statute of limitations and gives plaintiffs five years to file suit once they discover that information was covered up by a potentially liable party. “The only defense is that they waited too long to bring the suit,” he says. “Our response to that is, you were in a position of trust for these boys and you have a duty under the law to tell them the truth.”

The smoking gun, as it were, came when the BSA was forced by a judge last fall to release its “perversion files” in which it kept records of men who were considered ineligible to volunteer due to various sexual offenses. Hacker made the list, with good cause. The BSA, however, falsely claimed that they did not have a file on him when he was on trial in 1989, among other omissions, coverups and acts of negligence.

“They knew for more than 10 years he was a convicted child molester and they let him in the troop anyway,” Hurley says.



Former scouts from St. Louis de Montfort's troubled Troop 1600 claim they were sexually assaulted by convicted pedophile, Thomas Hacker, during the 1980s.

Representing the plaintiffs are Chicago attorneys Christopher Hurley and Evan Smola.

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