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New Lawsuit Details ‘Tag Team of Abuse’ At St. Louis de Montfort

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Lawsuit claims Archdiocese was negligent in protecting children at St. Louis de Montfort from two convicted pedophiles, Fr. Maday and scout leader Tom Hacker in early 1970s. [ . . . . ]

Included in the complaint are shocking allegations of Maday and Hacker’s association and shared proclivity as sexual predators of young boys in what has been detailed as a "tag team of abuse" at St. Louis de Montfort in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

While being sexually assaulted by Maday at St. Louis de Montfort, John Doe #2 purports that Maday began inviting Hacker on youth retreats, where he was sexually assaulted by Hacker as well, the complaint alleges.

John Doe #3, too, claims that he was abused by both Maday and eventually Hacker while a student at St. Louis de Montfort School. 

In addition to the numerous accusations of sexual abuse of battery against Maday and Hacker, the complaint alleges that the Archdiocese of Chicago breached its duty to protect the children in its care. The man designated by the Archdiocese as Boy Scout liaison and charged with protecting children against child pedophiles like Hacker -- Father Maday -- was a child sex predator himself.

“’Outrageous’ is not too strong of a word to describe the serious and prolonged abuse at the hands of both Norbert Maday and Thomas Hacker, suffered by two of the plaintiffs we represent,” commented lawyer Christopher Hurley in a written statement.  

“And I have a distinct feeling that my clients are not the only ones  victimized by what amounts to a ‘tag team’ of abusers,” he added.

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