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Over 500,000 Mazdas Added to Takata Recall

Posted on in Product Liability

Mazda Takata recall, Chicago product liability lawyersThe Takata airbag recall has affected ten car companies and over 30 million vehicles. Mazda announced they are adding an additional 540,000 older vehicles to the recall list. With Takata airbags being used in almost every automotive manufacturer, many are left to wonder if their vehicle will be added to the recall list. Automotive companies and Takata are responsible for the product liability of the defective airbags.

Consumers only have two options with this recall. They can choose to not drive their vehicle until the defective airbag is replaced or they can take the chance and hope they do not get into an accident where the airbag will deploy, possibly killing or injuring themselves or their passengers. Neither option is acceptable and in most cases consumers have no other option that to continue to drive their cars with the defective airbag.

Takata and investigators have not been able to determine which inflator in the airbag design is the cause of the problem. Reports are now saying it is multiple causes. This is an unsatisfactory answer to the largest recall in automotive history. If the company that designed the defective airbag and independent researchers cannot fix the design, consumers are being put at risk longer because the defective airbag will take longer to be replaced.

There have been no set timelines given for when Takata will have enough airbags produced to replace all the defective airbags in the affected vehicles. With over 30 million vehicles affected, and more being added, the replacement timeline appears to be several years into the future before they will all be replaced. Several years of consumers having to drive their vehicle will defective airbags and not knowing if they will deploy and possibly injure or kill them.

Mazda, along with Takata and the other car companies affected by the recall, have a responsibility to the consumers to fix the problem. It is not being taken care in a timely manner and drivers are having to make a life or death situation by simply driving their car to continue with their daily lives. The position they are put in is irresponsible on the part of Takata and the car company. Consumers affected by the Takata recall should speak with a product liability lawyer so they can understand their rights to compensation.

The number of recalled vehicles is increasing within the Takata recall. If you have a Mazda that has been added to the recall list, contact a Chicago, Illinois defective car parts attorney. Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. diligently works to get their clients the compensation and respect they deserve. They have experienced attorneys who have handled cases involving defective cars and car parts. Call us at 312-553-4900 for a free consultation.
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