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HM&M Severs Ties with Federal Express

Posted on in Wrongful Death

b2ap3_thumbnail_gunman.jpgThe attorneys at HMM have dedicated their lives to obtaining justice for victims of violence.  However, the NRA is actively involved in preventing any meaningful change in the law to protect Americans from gun violence.  The NRA’s advocacy of unlimited gun ownership in America contributes to a culture of violence that places all of us—and especially our children—at tremendous risk.

FedEx offers N.R.A. members up to a 28 percent discount.  FedEx does not offer any discount to our firm or to our clients who have been victims of gun violence.

Even after the horrific events which recently took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, FedEx has announced that it will continue to offer discounts to members of the National Rifle Association.  Thus, FedEx has made a business decision to support the work of the NRA.

HMM will not financially support any corporation which has made a business decision to support the work of the NRA.  Today we have decided to join the boycott of FedEx.  HMM will not use the services of FedEx or any other company that supports the gun cult of the NRA.  We encourage you to join us.



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