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Know The Truth Prior to Election Day

Posted on in Personal Injury

President Donald Trump continues to provide false information to Americans regarding preexisting conditions related to health coverage. 


In an event last month, President Trump told a Philadelphia audience that “We (Republicans) will always protect Americans with preexisting conditions.” However, his administration imposed new rules that make discriminating against sick consumers easier for insurance providers. 


Trump has continued to support regulations and legislation to make it more difficult for people with a condition to receive health coverage. He fully backed Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act which would have allowed providers to increase the cost of coverage to sick individuals. And a brief was filed by Trump’s administration arguing that the protection of individuals with preexisting conditions is unconstitutional. 


Many Americans are being left in the dark regarding who and what will be covered under the proposed health care coverages. What you may have heard, is that there are a group of Republican Senators that introduced a bill requiring coverage for everyone with preexisting conditions. What you may not have heard, is that there is a giant loophole requiring coverage for the condition but not the treatment.


On November 6th, many of the Republican candidates are fighting to ensure that individuals with preexisting conditions will not be covered, or that their premiums will be much higher than other customers. For more information, click here. The Trial Attorneys at HMM would like for everyone to have all of the facts prior to voting, and please remember to vote!

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