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Litigation and the Lies Tort Reformers Tell: Why Lawsuits Are Actually a Good Thing for America

April 15, 2016  ·  By HM&M

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tort reform, Illinois personal injury attorneysFor decades, Americans have been told that the sky is falling, that the economy is on the verge of crashing because of their frivolous claims against large corporations. But, like most carefully crafted lies, these claims are nothing more than a ploy to benefit those who wish to escape accountability. Do not be fooled; search, instead, for the truth.

Everything to Gain and Everything to Lose

Before the 1970s, large corporations were the subject of personal injury lawsuits for negligent, deceptive, and even outright illegal practices. Many were also forced to pay punitive damages, which were meant to deter other companies from committing similar acts. These lawsuits, and the forced accountability they brought with them, severely damaged the bottom line of these corporations. What they really needed was a loophole, a way to avoid large payouts and increase their bottom line.

A Brief History of Tort Reform

Corrupt establishments are not born overnight; instead, they are cultivated and bred by greed and cruelty over time. This is the case with tort reformers. Born of power and money-hungry establishments that then bred with lawmakers and corporate attorneys who were just as ruthless, these groups banded together to create well-funded and highly shrouded front groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Manhattan Institute, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and the American Tort Reform Association. It was under this guise that they began to tell stories of frivolous lawsuits, runaway juries, and innocent, victimized companies.

As Americans bought into the lie, these groups began to push for reform. Caps were placed on lawsuits. Limits and class actions bans were put into place. And, little by little, the rights of American citizens were diminished. Because, in order to win, that was all the corporations and paid-for politicians needed to do: they only had to squelch the consumer to rise to the top.

Why the Tort System is Vital to the Economy and How It Can Survive

Lawsuits are actually vital to the economy. Of course, tort reformers would rather you believe quite the opposite. But, even if the deception and lies are taken out of the equation, litigation and the payout of damages encourages both the negligent company and others like them to act responsibly. They are held accountable, and that decreases risk to the consumer. This, in turn, saves on the cost of medical bills, lost wages, injury, and disability. It also takes away the injured individual's need to rely on state and federal programs to cover their medical expenses and basic living expenses.

Sadly, though, the road back is not an easy one.

Trial lawyers have been working to appeal several tort reform laws, namely the caps that have been placed on various types of lawsuits. There have been setbacks, but there have also been important gains, such as the declaration that caps are unconstitutional in the high courts in Georgia, Florida, and Missouri. And there are citizen-advocacy groups that are working to help Americans see the deceitful propaganda for what it is: an attempt to repress and oppress for their own financial gain.

Wrongful Death or Injury? You Have a Right to Seek Compensation

No matter what large corporations or paid-for politicians tell you, lawsuits are good for America and the economy. And you have a right to seek compensation if you or someone you love has experienced an injury or wrongful death because of a company's negligent actions. Keep in mind, however that these companies and legislators are already trying to restrict your rights. As such, you should ensure you have someone on your side, protecting those rights and your best interest.

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