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New Illinois Law Addresses Problem of Medical Neglect and Abuse in Nursing Homes

January 19, 2015  ·  By HM&M

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As a Chicago car accident attorney, I want to express my support for the new Illinois law requiring that adults wear seat belts while riding in the back seat of a vehicle, which took effect on the first of this year. As winter weather conditions make Chicago area roads more dangerous, the simple step of wearing a seat belt can prevent serious injury or death in the event of an accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2010, 38 un-belted back seat passengers died in car crashes in Illinois. While this may seem like a relatively small number, many of these deaths likely could have been averted if the passengers were wearing their seat belts. I strongly encourage Illinois motorists to follow this new law to avoid getting a ticket, and more importantly, to prevent serious injuries or death.

January 19, 2015

Lack of Safety Testing Resources Lead to Increase in Toy-Related Injuries

The most active retail months are barely over and toy manufacturers have generated billions upon billions in revenue worldwide. The estimated cost for toy production is over two billion dollars in the United States alone as last reported in 2010. It is a booming industry that may be growing faster than safety officials can monitor.... Read More

January 19, 2015

How Transvaginal Mesh is Adversely Affecting Thousands of Women Every Year

Each year, millions of Americans are treated for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). In fact, TBI is the leading cause of death among those 45 or younger. TBI can be caused by direct head trauma but can also be caused by severe shaking or whiplash from a car accident. More recently it was discovered that exposure... Read More

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