The American Association for Justice news brief recently included an article stating The National Highway Safety Administration said, “it isn’t necessary to require that power windows operate in reverse to prevent the injury or deaths of children who could be accidentally caught in them” (AP, Manning, 8/28).

The NHTSA further asserted that sufficient safety measures are already in place including “switches designed to make it difficult for children to mistakenly close windows, [which] are effective enough to reduce risk of serious injury or death.”

However, the NHTSA did mandate automatic reversing on some power windows without certain safety measures. For example, windows that can be closed with a single touch of a button as opposed to windows that require the user to hold down the button while closing the window must have an automatic reversing feature.

As a personal injury lawyer, I hope that the NHTSA investigation was thorough as power windows intrigue children, so safety measures are necessary to protect their safety.