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NHTSA Takes Fault for Errors in GM Investigation

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ignition switch recall, Chicago car defect attorneyThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released reports stating the investigation into General Motors (GM) ignition switch defect was not thorough. The ignition switch defect has been connected with over 100 deaths. The GM ignition switch recall is the fourth largest defective car parts recall in history, with over 800,000 vehicles recalled.

GM knew about the defective switch as far back as 2004, but did not start recalling any vehicles until 2014. In the past year, NHTSA has taken no responsibility for any of its own actions in the investigation into the defective parts. Families who believe they did not do enough now have a small peace of mind when they announced they trusted but did not verify the information GM was sending them and failed to use its authority to hold GM accountable.

NHTSA allowed GM to conduct their own investigation into the ignition switch defect and did not verify any information they were given from GM with their own investigation or follow up questions. They took GM’s word that everything was being executed as it should be and was being taken care of. NHTSA failed to do its part to protect consumers and push for a recall sooner and holding the company accountable.

In this admission of fault, NHTSA says it will be more proactive instead of reactive. It will request more details from automakers, do their own investigations into complaints and recalls, and ask about past legal actions taken against the company relating to the possible defect. This is great news going forward, but what about the millions of people who have already been affected by GM’s defective ignition switch?

The are many families who will never see their loved one again because NHTSA did not do its part sooner to fix the problem, even with many reports coming in to them about the defect. GM and NHTSA have a responsibility to consumers to ensure they are keeping consumers safe. GM and NHTSA have both admitted they are at fault for not recalling the vehicles sooner. Experienced defective car and car parts attorneys can help those families affected by the GM ignition switch defect by explaining the legal rights they have to compensation.

The GM ignition switch recall did not happen for over a decade and some families are just now getting a small peace of mind knowing NHTSA is taking responsibility for their part in it. If you have a recalled GM vehicle, contact a Chicago defective car parts attorney. Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. have experienced attorneys who have handled cases involving defective cars and car parts. They work to ensure their clients receive the most favorable outcome for their case. Call our firm today at 312-553-4900 for a complimentary consultation.
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