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NHTSA Takes Fault for Errors in GM Investigation

June 11, 2015  ·  By HM&M

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no free passes initiativeNo one wants to lose a loved one, but to lose them because of a preventable error is unacceptable. Thousands of people are treated in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and Emergency Rooms (ER) every day across the United States. Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who have gone through years of education to provide help and assistance to those who need it are the ones who can prevent these errors. Intubation errors are preventable with more training and education on how to successfully intubate a patient on the first pass.

After representing a family whose young mother had lost her life after an asthma attack and went without oxygen while in the ER, Attorney Chris Hurley, managing partner of [[title]], thought the exact same thing. Hurley partnered with Airway Management Education Center (AMEC) and Cynosure Health to start the No Free Passes Initiative and improve patient airway safety.

Attorney Chris Hurley has put together a presentation with other presenters to explain how the No Free Passes Initiative was started, the program vision and opportunities for support.

The No Free Passes Initiative's goal is to decrease the overall number of intubation attempts and decrease the incidence of hypoxemia during the intubation. The initiative will also provide an educational training program to health care providers through in-person meetings, webinars, and individual skill development. It will be initiated in the Chicago area, with a long-term vision to spread it nationwide, in eight to 16 hospitals with 5 member teams over 12 months.

The partners of No Free Passes and the presenters are raising awareness for the initiative, building systems to encourage improvements within the hospital systems, and taking action by bringing the initiative to local Chicago hospitals. Losing a family member or friend due to unsuccessful intubation attempts is not acceptable. The No Free Passes Initiative will work to decrease the number of intubation attempts on patients to increase the likelihood of saving the patient through education and training. Attorney Chris Hurley founded the initiative to save more families from the heartache of losing a loved one because of a preventable error.

If you represent a hospital or are an Emergency Room or Intensive Care Unit doctor and want to get involved with the No Free Passes Initiative or become a sponsor or partner, contact [[title]] today. The importance of improving airway maintenance in the hospitals is crucial. There is no reason anyone should lose a loved because of a preventable error. Call the law office of [[title]], conveniently located in Chicago, at [[phone]] to find out how you can receive more information.

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