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Parents Turn Efforts To Pool Safety

Posted on in Personal Injury

Although swimming pool safety has improved, all summer swimmers should swim with caution, and parents must pay close attention to their children. A heart-breaking story of a boy drowning led two Connecticut parents to spread the word about swimming pool safety. As a personal injury attorney, I join them in their mission to keep kids safe while swimming.

Karen and Brian Cohn of Greenwich, Connecticut, who lost their 6 year old son, Zachary, in a swimming pool accident three years ago after his arm became trapped in a suction drain, are “campaigning for tougher laws and to raise awareness about the dangers that surround pools.” (J. Christoffersen ,AP, 8/2).

The Cohns formed The Zac Foundation in memory of their son Zac, have turned their efforts towards adamantly fighting what they say are “efforts to weaken pool safety laws.” Although a spokeswoman for the pool industry denies any efforts to weaken pool safety, I, like the Cohns, believe you can never be too safe, and one life lost is one life too many

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