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Penn State Settles With Seven Sex Abuse Victims

August 27, 2013  ·  By HM&M


physician error, Illinois medical malpractice lawyerIt is true: Physicians are only human, but they also have the unique responsibility of protecting and saving lives. They went through years of intensive schooling, were required to show they were proficient in both knowledge and skills, and they vowed to uphold a specific set of standards. Unfortunately, there are physicians who, for whatever reason, commit medical malpractice by failing to fulfill their responsibility. Sadly, it is always patients who pay the price.

Physician Faces Lawsuits from Nearly 300 Patients

After 30 years of practicing medicine, a cardiologist in the Midwest is facing nearly 300 lawsuits from former patients. They all claim that to be victims of unnecessary procedures, all of which were performed by the physician or his colleagues. Though still in the early phases of litigation, the buzz surrounding the case has left many feeling wary of medical professionals, and angry that their health had been taken so lightly by someone who had vowed to protect it.

Now retired, the physician and his colleagues have denied any wrongdoing, and that means it will be up to the courts to decide. Should they rule in favor of the plaintiffs, the doctor could be liable for a rather large settlement, along with other possible consequences, to pay for the damage they have done.

Does the Big Money in Cardiology Cause Hospitals to Turn a Blind Eye?

Also included in the lawsuit is the hospital at which the three cardiologists were attending. One physician, who had been responsible for reviewing surgical cases within the hospital, is stepping forward and testifying against his own kind, working closely with medical malpractice lawsuit attorneys to gather evidence for the case. He told Business Day that, when questioned about the cases he found to be unnecessary, risky, or not in the best interest of the patients, the hospital had told him to stop reviewing cases and stop asking questions because the three-physician team brought in a high amount of revenue.

That leads to a very important question: Are big money physicians too big to care, and too big to touch? It would certainly seem so if you took a look at Medicare records; federal officials have brought numerous cases against both hospitals and cardiologists, accusing them of performing unnecessary procedures on patients and lying (or “twisting the truth”) to justify those procedures to insurance companies.

Are You a Victim of an Unnecessary Medical Procedure? Seek Help from a Professional

Regardless of what field of medicine it is in, there are real risks to patients when unnecessary surgeries are performed. Reactions to anesthesia, organ failure, excessive bleeding, infection, and wrongful death are just a few. If you believe that you or someone you love has been the victim of an unnecessary medical procedure, seek help from a qualified medical malpractice attorney.

At Hurley, McKenna & Mertz, P.C., we believe physicians should be held accountable when they have acted negligently. We work with medical experts that can carefully examine your case to help determine if you may be entitled to compensation, and we will fight to help make sure that happens. For a free consultation with one of our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys, call [[phone]] today.


August 27, 2013

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