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Rauner’s Worker’s Comp Argument Ignores Facts

January 26, 2017  ·  By HM&M

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dialysis recall, Illinois product liability lawyerThere are many people who rely on dialysis treatments to survive. What happens when a dialysis patient receives a recalled treatment solution? That is the question about 160 patients at the Dialysis Clinic in American Samoa had to answer. A batch of recalled dialysis treatment solution was sent to the only dialysis treatment center on the island.

American Samoa is a group of islands about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand and is an American territory. Due to its distant location, the airport and port in Pago Pago are the main transportation outlets for goods coming onto the island. This can delay shipments if weather is bad or goods are unavailable.

The liquid bicarbonate concentrate used in a three-stream hemodialysis machine to administer the solution was recalled. The Dialysis Clinic did not receive word about the recall before administering some of the recalled products to patients for a day and half after the shipment was received. The manufacturer, Fresenius Medical Care Rental Therapies Group, sent out an emergency shipment, but it will take several days to arrive. This caused the clinic to close down until the shipment was received.

Dialysis treatments are usually given three times a week. One missed treatment is usually okay, but missing a second or third treatment could be life threatening to the patient. Receiving a compromised dose of dialysis treatment may be similar to missing a dose completely. With the clinic having to shut down, many of the patients have to miss one to two treatments, putting them in a dangerous situation if something were to happen with their kidneys.

A letter was allegedly sent to the hospital informing them of the recall in May. No word was passed onto the Dialysis Clinic of the recall. They were informed of the recall via an email from the company. Fresenius Medical Care Rental Therapies Group and the hospital have the responsibility to take care of the affected patients who received a dose of the recalled product and those who may have suffered due to missing treatments. Affected patients have the right to speak with a product liability attorney to ensure they receive the most favorable outcome for their case and understand all their rights to compensation.

Patients who are going through dialysis treatments have a lot on their minds already. Adding additional stress to their lives because a manufacturer or hospital failed to notify the only dialysis treatment facility available about a recalled product is not acceptable. If you have been affected by a recalled medical product, contact a Chicago product liability attorney today. [[title]] have experience defending clients who have been victims of medical malpractice. You deserve a skilled attorney to fight for you to get you the most favorable outcome. Call our law office at [[phone]] for a free case consultation.”

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