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Residential Treatment Programs Cause More Than 100 Deaths Per Year

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residential treatment facilities, Chicago medical malpractice lawyersResidential programs are entrusted with the care and treatment of troubled or disabled youths and adults, but some of them are hiding a dirty little secret. Riddled with claims of abuse and neglect of the very people they are supposed to be helping, they are responsible for more than 100 deaths per year. Worse yet, they are buying their way out of those claims, sweeping the bad publicity under the rug, and allowed to continue operating, despite their outright mistreatment of residents.

Abuse, Neglect, and Death

Tens of thousands of teens and disabled adults are sent to residential treatment programs each year. Though considered a last resort for exhausted and overwhelmed families or schools, facilities like these have allegedly been found responsible for at least 145 deaths over the last three decades. ProPublica recently investigated these deaths to determine what, if any, responsibility might be designated to such facilities. Their results were highly disturbing.

In one facility, a teenage resident was allegedly strangled during a struggle. In another, a boy was reportedly taunted and accused of faking an illness but later died of an infection. Recently, a 14-year-old girl died after allegedly being tied to a bed and a chair overnight. Countless others were said to have suffocated as workers allegedly held them down. According to ProPublica, all of these incidents could be considered potentially preventable. Yet these facilities continue to operate and take in new residents.

Money, Lawyers, and Secrets

Based on their investigation, ProPublica found that many of these neglectful facilities are backed by well-financed providers that have the ability to exploit an already fractured system. They use their funds to lawyer up, beat back sanctions, and shape the rules to avoid consequences for their negligent actions. And the system—incapable of financially standing up against these emotional and financial bullies—is eventually forced to back down. In fact, efforts to alter the way that these centers work have been either stalled or thwarted altogether.

Facilities Deny Any Wrongdoing

Of course, the facilities in question deny any wrongdoing on their part. They say they address issues “responsibly,” and have even managed to rally support from parents. Yet there are so many others that have lost a loved one because of the negligent or abusive actions of a system that was intended to help.

If this has happened to someone you love, there is help. And you do deserve fair compensation for the death or injury sustained by your loved one. However, it is important to understand lengths to which these centers will go to hide their indiscretions. More importantly, it is essential that you seek assistance from a brave and skilled litigation attorney that is willing and capable of handling the greasy tactics and financial manipulation often used by such corporations.

At Hurley, McKenna & Mertz, P.C., we understand and are prepared to handle the slippery and deceptive defense used by corporate bullies. Dedicated to standing up for ordinary people, we fight for the best possible recovery and will ensure your rights and best interests are protected and considered. Schedule your free initial consultation with our experienced Chicago medical malpractice attorneys to learn more. Call us at 312-553-4900 today. 


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