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Second Fatal Bicyclist Accident in Chicago

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

A bicyclist died yesterday after being struck by a semi truck in the Noble Square neighborhood of Chicago. The accident marks the second time this Fall that a bicyclist has died after being struck by a semi truck in the City of Chicago. In early October, a bicyclist swerved to avoid an open car door and was struck and killed by a semi truck on the Near North Side.

In the accident yesterday, the truck and the bicyclist were traveling westbound when the driver of the truck tried to make a right turn and struck the bicyclist. The driver of the truck received a citation from the police for an improper right turn.

These tragic accidents highlight the importance of being observant of bicyclists, especially on the busy streets of Chicago. Bicyclists are very vulnerable on the road and rely on drivers to pay careful attention to them. As a personal injury attorney with experience handling bicycle accident cases, I have seen the devastating results of car accidents involving bicyclists. Therefore, I ask all Chicago motorists to use extreme caution when around bicyclists so that tragic accidents like these can be avoided in the future.

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