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Smart Phone Fosters Dumb Habits Among Pedestrians

Posted on in Personal Injury

While smart phones and other electronic devices “changed popular culture by offering an ability to always stay connected, they have so swiftly turned into such a compelling need that a simple walk down the street is considered wasted time.” (D. Bauder, AP New York, 1/25). The inability of many to spend a few minutes not using their smart phones has caused needless injuries both in drivers and pedestrians.

In an impromptu analysis, one journalist noticed that “generally speaking… about one in 10 pedestrians [was walking while texting or emailing].” He further noted that ‘even people not using their smart phones kept them in their hands, like drawn weapons.”


Although there are many benefits to smart phones, needless injuries should always be avoided. As a Chicago personal injury lawyer, I encourage drivers and pedestrians alike to be aware of their surroundings.

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