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Stihl Recalls More Than 2 Million Outdoor Power Tools

May 26, 2011  ·  By HM&M


As a products liability and medical malpractice attorney, I am intrigued by the new study regarding a new stroke prevention option.

A recent study unleashes promising news finding that “people with narrowed neck arteries that could lead to a stroke can be safely treated with less drastic option” than the current surgical procedure. (AP M.Marchione, 2/26).

Medical professionals assert that hundreds of thousands of Americans could benefit each year because the new artery opening stent, which is a “mesh tube that props the blood vessel open,” will replace the expensive and drastic surgical option.

Although not without complications, the risks both during and after the stent procedure appear to be relatively less drastic than the surgical alternative.

May 26, 2011

Automakers Investigate Potential Fuel Leaks

Honda Motor Company announced this week that it's recalling more than 1,000 Honda Civics in the U.S. because the cars could leak fuel. Many of these 2012 models have not been sold yet, so the repairs will take place while still on the dealer lots. However, Honda will begin to notify customers on May 27,... Read More

May 26, 2011

Bounce House

Inflatable “bounce houses” and other large-scale inflatable structures may seem like harmless fun for young children, but a number of recent accidents have illuminated the potential dangers inherent in the amusement attractions. The most recent incident occurred on June 4th in Oceanside, NY, when three of the inflatable “bounce houses” were blown into the air... Read More

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