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Suit Accuses Former Priest, Ex-Scout Leader Of Molesting Boys

January 23, 2014  ·  By HM&M


superbug, medical scopes, Chicago medical malpractice attorneyOver the past few years, medical scopes have been linked to outbreaks of deadly, antibiotic-resistant “superbug” infections. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already recalled a disinfecting machine, but now one of the three brands of medical scopes used to drain fluids from the pancreatic and bile ducts is being recalled by the manufacturer, Olympus Corporation.

Disinfection and Sterilization Troubles Suspected in Scope Issues

According to a recent report, the bug and spread of infection may be due to the troubles experienced while attempting to sterilize and disinfect the Olympus medical scopes. It is possible that the issues with certain sterilizing machines may play a factor, but the scopes also play a factor, the FDA says. In fact, the organization alleges that they had already provided a warning to the manufacturers regarding their inactivity and delay in finding a solution to the problem.

Olympus Given the Green Light to Modify Design

Despite the warning, and despite the harm that has already been done to patients, the FDA has given Olympus the green light to redesign their scopes. However, hospitals and doctors that used them have already been notified of the recall so, for now, the continued risk may be on hold. There is, however, still a chance that patients may come into contact with these scopes if the hospital or doctor fails to take immediate action regarding the recalled scopes.

What the Recall Means for the Injured

For those that have suffered an illness, injury, or death because of the recalled medical scope, compensation may be due. Unfortunately, these cases are often extremely complex because they deal, not just with the performing physician, but a tool that was used during a procedure. As such, anyone who has suffered from a ‘superbug' infection after a procedure should contact an attorney that is skilled in handling both medical malpractice cases and defective medical device cases.

At [[title]] we handle a wide array of medical malpractice cases, including complex cases that require an examination of any tools or devices that may have been used. Our attorneys also understand just how drastically a medical injury or death can impact your life and the lives of those you love. That is why we offer to meet you at the place that suits you best. Learn more by scheduling a free initial consultation with our experienced Chicago, Illinois medical malpractice attorneys. Call [[phone]] today.


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