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The Cybersecurity 202: Trump Administration Scooping Up Americans' Data In Effort To Track Undocumented Immigrants, ACLU Says

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Trump administration scooping up Americans' data in effort to track undocumented immigrants, ACLU says | Duluth News Tribune (

Topics: StingRays, Nathan Freed Wessler, civil liberties groups, huge invasion, mission creep, serious offenses, Customs Enforcement, Government abuses

  • That's the big concern raised in a lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union filed yesterday against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection, demanding to know how widely the agencies are using the tools called StingRays and who they're targeting.
  • That makes them extremely useful for locating criminals when police know the phone they're carrying.
  • The suitcase-sized cell site simulators are so effective, in fact, that the FBI uses them in a range of high profile cases - including to track President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen in a campaign finance investigation -- and foreign adversaries may also be using them in Washington to spy on Americans.
  • This is especially concerning since it's unclear if the people they're tracking have committed serious offenses or if they've just crossed the border illegally - as newsreports suggest


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