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The President’s Thoughts: Newsletter of The Illinois Trial Lawyers Association

April 7, 2017  ·  By HM&M



Former colleagues, scouts and youth baseball league players recount the missed cues of the Boy Scouts’ most prolific serial pedophile.

“I found him odd, just the way he presented himself,” Olsen said. “Just hearing the name gives me chills. Even talking about it right now I get a little angry.”

“You trust your pastors, priests, Boy Scout leaders, teachers, park district executives, on the assumption that they had the children’s best interests at heart,” Christopher Hurley, the plaintiffs’ Chicago attorney said. “What these institutions have known all along, especially the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts, is that pedophiles use these institutions as a way to get access to children.

April 7, 2017

How Arbitration Clauses Protect Abusers And Keep Victims Quiet

Sexual Harassment in the workplace is unequivocally common. So when it happens, the victim should seek justice in court. That is every citizen's right according to the Seventh Amendment. However, countless employers include an “Arbitration Clause” in employee contracts. It's an inconspicuous disclaimer that most people are unaware of. This clause essentially requires employees to... Read More

April 7, 2017

Dealing With The Stress of Past Medical Errors

Experiencing a medical error can be frightening. It might delay your recovery and take a toll on your body. A lesser-known consequence is the trust you may lose in your doctor. Experiencing a medical error is bound to make a patient feel violated and unheard. While navigating the complex seas of finding a new health... Read More

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