tort reform, Chicago medical malpractice attorneyTort reform laws put limits on the amount of compensation a victim of medical malpractice can receive. Tort reform does not favor victims; rather it favors negligent hospitals, doctors, and companies. The victims of medical malpractice should be able to get fair compensation as determined by a jury of peers, not what lawmakers, insurers and companies believe victims should receive.

Recently medical malpractice victims’ family members testified before Illinois lawmakers about how their lives had changed because of mistakes made by doctors and other medical professionals. The family members talked about how an arbitrary cap on awards for victims and their families limit and impact their lives.

Those who testified before Illinois legislators ranged from widows of Illinois State Troopers to mothers speaking for their children to the victims of medical malpractice who relived their tragedy. Those who spoke before the lawmakers took a stand because they have fought for themselves or someone they cared about for the justice they deserve. The compensation some received from their medical malpractice suits will take care of their injured family members’ medical and living expenses.

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