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Traumatic Brain Injury Sufferers May Not Show Outward Signs of Brain Damage

August 14, 2008  ·  By HM&M


bicycle recalls Chicago, Illinois product liability attorneyAccording to a recent survey by Active Times, Trek was rated the number one bike brand in 2014 because they consistently produce quality bicycles and make advancements to the industry. How will the recent recall of nearly one million Trek bicycles due to a defect in their quick release brake lever on certain bicycle models affect that rating?

With the number of cyclists increasing in recent years, cyclists want to know that the bicycle they purchase will be safe. Defective bicycle parts are a safety issue and can cause hazards not only for the cyclists, but also their family and anyone else involved in an accident caused by a defective part.

The models being recalled were manufactured from 2010 to 2015, have a silver or black quick release lever on the front wheel, and front disc brakes. The defect can cause the quick release lever to become stuck in the front disc brake causing the bicycle to stop suddenly and throw the cyclist over the front handlebars or cause the front wheel to come off. The defect has caused one cyclist to become paralyzed and injured two others.

How does such a well-known brand not know that there is a problem with their quick release break for five years? With such advancements being made from the company within the industry, it is being questioned how they missed such a defect for such a long period of time. A company who is known for advancing industry standards and technology should have been able to catch a defect, such a quick release lever opening causing the front wheel to come off, earlier than five years of production.

While Trek has apologized for the inconvenience in their announcement of the recall, it does not fix the defect. There are many cyclists who ride their bikes to and from work. Having to worry about if the quick release will get caught in their disc brake is not acceptable. Cyclists need and want to know that their bicycle will be safe to ride. There are enough other factors to worry about when riding a bicycle that worrying about if your bicycle will get stuck should not be one of them. Companies should be held responsible for defective bicycle parts and consumers are entitled to compensation for defective parts.

Being injured or paralyzed from defective bicycle parts can have a life changing effect on cyclists. Contact a Chicago defective bicycle parts attorney today. [[title]] has experienced attorneys who have handled many types of product liability cases, including defective bicycle parts cases. You deserve a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer on your side in the courtroom who will be your voice and fight for your right to compensation for you and your family. Call the law office of [[title]], conveniently located in Chicago, at [[phone]] for a free case consultation.

August 14, 2008

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