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Willowbrook Plant Sterigenics Releasing Cancer-Causing Gas

November 8, 2018  ·  By HM&M



Mark Stephan, who has fought to recover from a devastating 2007 bicycle accident, has filed a complaint against Stryker Orthopedic, the manufacturer of the artificial hip he received in 2011. The complaint filed on September 10th states that the defective device is damaging the soft tissue in his body, and that Stephan has been advised to undergo a “painful hip revision surgery,” due to the faulty replacement.

Stephan advises anyone else in his position to seek “outstanding legal counsel.” He remains undecided of what to do with the hip replacement currently in his body.

November 8, 2018

Know The Truth Prior to Election Day

“ President Donald Trump continues to provide false information to Americans regarding preexisting conditions related to health coverage. In an event last month, President Trump told a Philadelphia audience that “”We (Republicans) will always protect Americans with preexisting conditions.”” However, his administration imposed new rules that make discriminating against sick consumers easier for insurance providers.... Read More

November 8, 2018

"“When you cloak people in badges of respect, you create the perfect opportunity for bad people to get access to children,"" said Chris Hurley. The firm is representing 11 former scouts in sex abuse tri"

Boy Scouts could be hit with more sex abuse claims. “Thousands of “perversion” or “ineligible volunteer” files kept secret by the Boy Scouts for decades sit ready for trial in the offices of Hurley McKenna and Mertz.” Read More

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