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December 17, 2019  ·  By HM&M

When a patient undergoes surgery of any kind, they expect that they will be able to recover and move on with their life. Having to undergo surgery again because of a defective product, like Zimmer's Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate knee placement, is not in their plans. Going through recovery the first time for a knee replacement is hard enough. Having to endure through it again is unacceptable and the company who designed the defective product is responsible for product liability.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class 2 recall on the product. This means that while the Persona knee replacement is used it may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences. The recall affects all sizes and lots of Persona knee replacement products for both the left and right knees.

The Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate knee replacements were meant to be used without cement and still adhere to the bone. Complaints from patients found that the knee replacement became loose or caused radiolucent lines or gaps between the bone and knee replacement. The gaps can fill with fluid or debris and cause more health issues. In all cases, patients complained of increased pain and some cited increased immobility.

The recall states that a revision surgery may be needed to replace the defective product if it becomes loose. A revision surgery will include having to go through surgery for a second time, more recovery time and missed work, and more pain. A second surgery to replace the defective product will mean the possibility of increased chances for complications. No patient should have to go through that process because of a defective product.

In addition to listing general states and countries affected by the distribution of the product, there are specific Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers throughout the United States listed on the recall notice as well. This means Zimmer has a contract with the government to use their products in military hospitals. The Zimmer Persona knee replacement recall shows that it does not matt whether you are a veteran, active duty service member, or someone who has never served in the military. It can affect everyone and patients affected by the recall should speak with a skilled product liability attorney. They can help you understand your rights and the legal process.

Zimmer should be held responsible for their defective product and causing over 11,000 patients more pain, recovery time, and missed work. If you or a family member has a Zimmer Persona knee replacement, contact a Chicago product liability lawyer today. Our attorneys have received favorable verdicts for our clients, resulting in over $500 million in compensation. Call the law office of [[title]], conveniently located in Chicago, at [[phone]] for a free case consultation.

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