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Attorney Chris Hurley

Experienced Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Ever since I was a kid, if I saw a kid picking on another kid, I usually stuck my nose into that. I'd become kind of obsessed with making sure it gets put right. It motivates me to just go beyond even my physical capabilities and fighting for them. I mean, I'd spend nights awake thinking about these clients.

Chris started his firm when we had three kids under the age of two. It was pure chaos, but he was always confident that this is what he was meant to do, and so I supported him. Justice is a big word but it really is essential to who he is. He can take the risk on his shoulders for ten years in a row, and it doesn't wear him down, and he's not afraid of anybody.

My staff and the lawyers in our office and myself, we get together and we work together on every case that we have. Hurley McKenna & Mertz has a such a nice family feeling, like you said, the lawyers have been there together for a long time. The families we’re all good friends, it's just a really nice collegial feeling where like everybody sort of sees themselves as part of the same team.

I just know everybody in our firm cares about our clients on a deep level and if they didn't they wouldn't work there because the work is too hard. And it's too emotionally draining. And so if you don't care about it you can't be in this type of work. So I know they care about the clients, and I know that we care about each other, that's what draws us together as a team.

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