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The Clark Family - Case Background

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In 1997, we had our first child Brandon, and we realized probably about a year after he was born that he was not developing the way that a typical child would develop. And so that's when we pursued seeing a geneticist, and seeing a neurologist to kind of figure out what it was we were dealing with, what did he have? What kind of effects would it have on his life, and on his body? We found out about Angelman Syndrome in about 1999.

And I wanted to make sure that this was something that was not going to happen again for us, and I wanted to know our risk factors because I did want to have more children. That's when we pursued the testing for Angelman Syndrome. We went to several geneticists, we went to several neurologists.

The doctors told us they were normal, the test results were negative. Because of that, we decided to have more children. When Timothy was born in 2002, that's when we realized that he had Angelman Syndrome as well. We had gotten the wrong test results from the initial doctor, as well as an incorrect consultation from a second geneticist.

As a result she told us that we could have more kids, and they would not be affected by Angelman Syndrome – there was less than 1% chance. Less than 1% is a chance that we're all willing to take when we have children. But when you think about it, that your chances are 50/50, that's not a chance you're willing to take, especially if you already have a child who is severely disabled in the first place. It makes life just about impossible with two.

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