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The Humphrey Story

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I'm going to cry. If I leave this world, is anybody going to be able to take care of her like I do? And that's a big fear of mine.

Everyone has to be treated with the same level of care, and the same level of diligence as everybody else. Veniscia had what's called a placental abruption.

The doctor told Veniscia that he thought her baby was dead, and that delay tragically cost Teniscia a large part of her brain.

I told him my baby is not dead, you need to do something about it. She's a miracle baby, she's a fighter, and she’s not going out like that.

It's not okay for doctors to treat some patients as less important than others.

The doctor just assumed that there was never a chance at life, and we know there was.

The satisfaction for me has always been fighting for somebody who's been harmed in a way that's so profound that their life is essentially ruined, and those are the people I want to work for.

It really makes us feel good to see that now Teniscia is going to have a place to live, she's going to have safe transportation. She's going to have medical care to make the rest of her life as comfortable as possible.

Mark and Chris, I know they was fighting for us to have a better life.

We're going to live now. You're so happy. Like the struggle is over.

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