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Valerie Ponder Story

Chicago Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

He was only there six weeks, and then he died. Valerie's case, we listened to her story, we saw that the records showed that the wrong things were done at the nursing home. I was so upset because I felt it was so unnecessary, families shouldn't have to go through this.

When an elderly parent that's helpless is neglected in a nursing home, the family is devastated because they feel responsible. But the reality of the situation is when a nursing home accepts a patient, they've got to provide the basic care, and when they don't keep their promise, they have to be held accountable.

So one of the important things for me and the lawyers at our firm, is to make sure that we fight for every client to send the very strongest message we can, that this will not be tolerated again.

They were always very professional. Hi Mike. Very caring. How are you? I can't say enough about them.

And I felt that everything was going to be taken care of, and everything was. Everything is great. Thank you for everything.

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