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3 Things to Know About Working With an Attorney in a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

November 5, 2021  ·  By HM&M


After living with the pain of sexual abuse for days, weeks, months, or even decades, many survivors struggle with revisiting unspeakably painful memories. However, filing a claim against your abuser can be an important part of the healing process, and should be considered in due time.

One of the most important aspects, though, is partnering with an experienced law firm with the expertise and compassion to represent you in court.

The Hurley McKenna & Mertz team has represented thousands of sexual abuse survivors, many of whom suffered at the hands of those they trusted. We help our clients navigate the legal labyrinth and come closer to healing their wounds, and our team can do the same for you.

But we’re passionate about ensuring that sexual abuse survivors know what to expect, regardless of who they select to represent them. Read on to find out what it’s like to work with an attorney in a sexual abuse lawsuit.

1. Compensation Amounts Vary—And Aren’t the Most Important Aspect of the Case

Many of the most common questions we’re asked—often early on in initial conversations—concern possible compensation. While sexual abuse survivors understandably want to know how much their successful case may bring them, we want to be clear that compensation ranges quite drastically from case to case.  While Hurley McKenna & Mertz is proud to have obtained record-breaking jury verdicts and settlements in sexual abuse cases, any compensation a court may grant varies greatly.

We don’t downplay the importance of seeking appropriate compensation for clients’ cases. We do, however, maintain focus on the most important aspect of pursuing a sexual abuse case: Helping clients get the justice they deserve and healing their wounds.

2. It Can Take a Long Time for Your Case to Go Through the Courts

We understand that once you’ve decided to file a claim against your sexual abuser, you likely want to seek justice as quickly as possible. While we pursue your case as fast as we responsibly can, we value accuracy and integrity over speed. Many cases may take several months or even years to wind their way through the courts. There are often several reasons for this.

For example, some cases are incredibly complex and involve a multitude of actors. The thousands of Mormon Church and Boys Scouts of America sexual abuse cases began with a handful of abusers coming forward. Once the floodgates opened, many individuals’ cases were included in larger suits, pushing back court dates to gather compelling evidence and construct strong cases.

Ensuring your case receives the appropriate attention it deserves by the court system is much more important than rushing to get it finalized.

3. Experienced Attorneys Have Wide Networks that Benefit You and Your Case

Unfortunately, sexual abuse committed by people in powerful or trusted positions isn’t uncommon, and sexual abuse cases share several commonalities. In many, there’s a staggering level of chronic sexual abuse that stretches across industries, geographies, and societies. For example, the decades-long sexual abuse inflicted by members of the Mormon Church and Boy Scouts of America meant that clients from numerous states needed representation by experienced attorneys.

The Hurley McKenna & Mertz team has spent nearly three decades building a wide network of industry experts and other actors in the legal space, ensuring that we have the resources and talent needed to responsibly, intelligently, and compassionately handle your case.

When you choose a team to handle your sexual abuse case, select one that offers you the peace of mind that it has the resources required to build the strongest case possible.

Place Your Trust in Our Team of Experienced, Compassionate Attorneys

While your story is unique only to you, we know how hard it can be for every sexual survivor to dredge up painful memories, only to speak with strangers about their pain. Understand that when you reach out to us for your free consultation, you are under no obligation to pay anything while we learn the details of your situation.

During our first conversation, we’ll get to know you, your case, and discuss how we can help provide the experienced and compassionate representation you deserve. When you trust us with your case, know that we are here to help you receive the justice and healing you deserve.

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