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Personal Injury

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Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury occurs whenever someone is harmed by another party’s negligence. Regardless of intent, whenever someone is physically or emotionally harmed because of the reckless or careless acts of another party, they have the right to seek damages. In personal injury cases, the injured party has the right to compensation for medical expenses, damage to personal property, loss of wages/earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of consortium/companionship and in some cases punitive damages.

HM&M has a strong track record of successfully representing clients in personal injury cases. These cases can become quite complicated often involving multiple parties with teams of high-priced attorneys trying to muddy the waters and limit their clients’ liability. It pays to have an experienced legal team in your corner that will conduct a thorough investigation and build a strong case on your behalf.

HM&M pursues cases against all personal injuries. Contact us today for assistance with all types of malpractice cases.

A Sample of Our Successes

  • $2,025,000Personal Injury

    Record DuPage County verdict for the wrongful death of a 78 year old woman who fell down an unlit staircase at a church.

  • $1,000,000Personal Injury

    Wrongful death case brought on behalf of the family of a 91 year old woman that was found deceased in her home after the installation of a new boiler. After two expert inspections of the boiler, we determined that the boiler had been improperly installed, leading it to run constantly and raise the temperature within the house to unsafe levels, causing the decedent’s death.

  • $711,000Personal Injury

    Verdict against St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital for wrongful discharge of a security guard fired for making a workers’ compensation claim.

  • $600,000Personal Injury

    Settlement for a 22 year old woman who injured her neck when a porch collapsed.

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