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An Illinois grand jury has formally indicted a Boy Scout troop leader, 79-year-old Milton Forsberg, with child pornography trafficking charges.

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Grand jury indicts former Boy Scout troop leader on child porn charges (

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  • A grand jury has formally indicted a Boy Scout troop leader with child pornography trafficking charges.
  • He faces charges of receipt and possession of child pornography.
  • Champaign police and the Illinois Attorney General's Office Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force were involved in the investigation that led to charges against the suspect.

Forsberg spent more than 40 years involved in Boy Scout programs, and was arrested on Oct. 16. Authorities said they had searched his Champaign home and discovered images of boys on computers and external hard drives. 

Forsberg is accused of using his cane to try and hide printed pictures of boys in "sexually explicit positions" while police searched. There were over 100 pictures, police said in a sworn affidavit. 

They said he also had a basement darkroom that had pictures from a nudist colony in it. 

The suspect is accused of sexually abusing someone in Champaign in 1965. A mandated notification of abuse in that case was sent from the Boy Scouts of America National Council to investigators in September 2019. Champaign police and Illinois State Police received that notification.

Victims of sexual abuse by Boy Scout leaders and employees deserve justice. We help them find it. For more information, including an explanation of what to expect in the legal process, a checklist for parents and victims, answers to frequently asked questions, and other information, please click here, call or text Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. today at 312.553.4900.


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