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Over 40 Thousand BMW Motorcycles Being Recalled

April 2, 2015  ·  By HM&M

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bmw motorcycle recall, Chicago auto parts liability lawyerMany motorcyclists are passionate, not only about the type of motorcycle they ride, but also about their safety. What happens when motorcyclists' safety are put in jeopardy by the company who produced their bike because of a defective part? The motorcycle manufacturer who produced the parts is responsible for product liability if there is a defective part. Motorcyclists should not have to be concerned about having their motorcycle breaking while they are riding due to a part on their bike breaking.

BMW is recalling over 40,000 motorcycles of different models and years due to a rear wheel flange defect. The defect can cause the flange to crack if the rear tire mounting bolts are tightened too much. The crack can cause the rear wheel to come loose from the bike, increasing instability in the motorcycle and likelihood of a crash.

The recall is affecting 16 of BMW's motorcycle models. BMW expects the recall to begin in April, but that is not guaranteed. BMW plans to notify customers affected by the recall. For some motorcyclists, riding is their only means of transportation though. If they are unable to ride their motorcycle, they may lose their job or suffer from an accident if they have to continue to ride their motorcycle because it is the only vehicle they own. Neither option is acceptable. BMW motorcycle owners are able to input their VIN number into BMW's Safety Recalls page to see if their bike is affected this recall or any other through BMW.

Motorcyclists should not have to make a decision about their safety because their rear wheel may come off their motorcycle. There are enough other worries for motorcyclists on the road, such as distracted driving from other drivers, weather and road conditions, that being involved in a motorcycle accident due to a defective part on their motorcycle should not be a concern.

If you or a family member has been in an accident because the rear wheel of your BMW motorcycle came off from your bike, you need to speak with a Chicago product liability lawyer today. The lawyers at [[title]] have received favorable verdicts for our clients, resulting in millions of dollars of compensation. Contact our law firm at [[phone]] for a free consultation today.

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