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CBS-TV: Lawsuit Targets Boy Scouts For Failing To Stop Sex Abuse

August 7, 2013  ·  By HM&M



Chris Hurley, lawyer for 15 men who were sexually molested by serial pedophile Thomas Hacker, was interviewed by CBS TV news.

Hurley told the reporter that, like earlier scandals in the Roman Catholic Church and at Penn State University, the Boy Scouts of America did nothing to stop Hacker.

“The ultimate sort of insult that’s occurred is they find out now that the scouts knew about [Hacker’s previous attacks] long before it happened,” said Hurley.

August 7, 2013

CBS-TV Chicago Interviews Christopher Hurley About Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Lawsuits

CBS CHICAGO Christopher Hurley appeared on CBS Chicago Channel 2 to announce that he was filing a lawsuit agaginst the Boy Scouts of America on behalf of sixteen former Boy Scouts from the Chicago area molested by their scout leader, Thomas Hacker. In the interview Christopher Hurley described the former scout leader, Thomas Hacker, as... Read More

August 7, 2013

New Lawsuit Details Extensive Sexual Abuse Against Local Scouts

OAK LAWN PATCH Lawsuit claims Archdiocese was negligent in protecting children at St. Louis de Montfort from two convicted pedophiles, Fr. Maday and scout leader Tom Hacker in early 1970s. [ . . . . ] Included in the complaint are shocking allegations of Maday and Hacker’s association and shared proclivity as sexual predators of... Read More

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