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Center for Justice & Democracy Exposes the Truth: Medical Malpractice by the Numbers

April 20, 2016  ·  By HM&M

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medical malpractice, Chicago personal injury lawyersSince the mid-seventies, tort reformers have put a lot of effort into getting the public to believe that the justice system is broken and that physicians and hospitals are innocent victims who must settle with patients to resolve unfounded claims to avoid ruin. But when you look at the facts, including those recently presented by the Center for Justice & Democracy, it is clear they are anything but. If anything, the evidence indicates that it is patients who are being treated unfairly by the courts.

The Human Impact of Medical Mistakes

Preventable medical errors are now considered to be the third leading cause of death in America, just after heart disease and cancer. Even more patients are seriously injured to the point that their lives are substantially and often irrevocably altered. The problem is so pervasive, in fact, that most Americans will experience a diagnostic error at least once in their life (which is twice as likely to result in death than other medical mistakes), and around half of all surgeries involve an adverse drug event or other medication error.

Not All Medical Errors Lead to Litigation

Despite claims from tort reformers, medical malpractice litigation remains extremely low. In fact, although hundreds of thousands of patients die each year at the hands of hospitals, doctors, and nurses, only three percent of all tort cases are medical malpractice cases. Specifically, there were only 8,551 medical malpractice payments made on behalf of physicians in 2014. However, estimates place the number of preventable patient deaths at around 400,000 incidents per year. This speaks nothing to the patients who have lost a limb, body part, major body function, or their health because of a medical mistake.

Do Not Let Tort Reformers Bully You into Silence, Seek Skilled Legal Help Today

Like all bullies, tort reformers and their advocates blame the victims in hopes of silencing them. Do not let this happen to you. You and your loved ones have a right to seek fair compensation for your injuries or wrongful death. Just be certain to have a skilled and experienced attorney on your side to ensure your rights are protected.

At [[title]] we fight for the real victims of medical malpractice. Backed by more than 75 years of combined experience, we are committed to justice and advocacy. We will even come to you to make the process easier. Get the aggressive representation you deserve. Schedule a free initial consultation with our skilled Chicago medical malpractice attorneys. Call [[phone]] today.


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