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City of Chicago Has Laws In Place To Make Winters Easier On Handicapped

Posted on in Personal Injury

Snowy sidewalks make city life difficult for the Chicago’s handicapped population. Unfortunately there are no Chicago laws that require owners of private property to remove snow from private walks and drives however, under the Chicago City Code, landlords are required to keep emergency exits accessible. Clearing snow and ice from building doors and steps fall under that category.

Local fair housing laws closely mirror federal requirements that landlords provide "reasonable accommodations" for renters with disabilities. The goal is to allow a disabled tenant to "enjoy" the property equally as all the other tenants, but not be given overly burdensome favors. Under Illinois law, in certain circumstances, owners who do a careful job of snow removal from public walks are protected from personal injury lawsuits.

Most court decisions require a tenant to put requests for accommodation in writing to trigger their rights—but the accommodations that are required vary case by case. If you have been injured as a result of a fall at someone else’s property, the Premises Liability attorneys at Hurley McKenna & Metz, PC may be able to help. Please contact us at (312) 553-4900 for a consultation.

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