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Dangerous Stryker Metal-on-Metal Hip Components Recalled

In the wake of an FDA investigation of metal-on-metal hip implants, Stryker recently followed the lead of other artificial hip manufacturers and recalled its Rejuvenate Modular and ABG II modular-neck hip stems. According to Stryker, these components are dangerous because they can potentially corrode inside a patient’s body. Yet, in its release, Stryker failed to fully describe the substantial risks associated with metal-on-metal hip implants. When metal-on-metal hip implants corrode, particles can build up in the body and cause a condition known as osteolysis, which further weakens the surrounding bone, muscles, and tissues. The metal can also get into the bloodstream and cause a host of illnesses.

Thousands and thousands of patients across the county have already experienced the adverse effects of metal-on-metal hip implants, including bone and soft issue breakdown, infections, fractures, swelling, severe pain and limited mobility. As a Chicago product liability trial attorney, I strongly urge anyone experiencing side effects from metal-on-metal hip implants to consult their doctor immediately.

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