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Dealing With The Stress of Past Medical Errors

May 4, 2017  ·  By HM&M


Experiencing a medical error can be frightening. It might delay your recovery and take a toll on your body. A lesser-known consequence is the trust you may lose in your doctor. Experiencing a medical error is bound to make a patient feel violated and unheard. While navigating the complex seas of finding a new healthcare provider, allow your past to inform your decision. Look for a doctor that listens to what you and your body have been through.

If you are wary about finding a new physician because of a prior bad experience, try out these tips:

1). Have someone accompany you to the appointment

Having a partner or friend join you on a visit to a new doctor can make you feel more comfortable, and that person can serve as another set of eyes and ears.

2). Get a second opinion

Don’t feel bound to the first doctor you visit. Second opinions are always valuable, especially when dealing with the trauma of a past medical error. Make sure you find a doctor with a bedside manner that you’re comfortable with. Having that trust can vastly improve your experience.

3). Research your symptoms

Arrive at your appointment informed. Research your symptoms and relay them to your doctor in a thoughtful, organized way. Don’t shy away from details, or asking the questions you want to ask. If you feel rushed out the door, you might want to look for another doctor.

Trauma can be a result of medical errors. Be patient with yourself and find a doctor who is willing to be patient too. While disclosing your medical history with a new doctor, make sure to include a conversation about past medical errors. Ask for what you need to feel confident and respected.

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