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Death Toll Rises to Three in Arizona Sweatbox Case

Posted on in Wrongful Death

Recently, the story surrounding three deaths and eighteen injuries caused by spending time in a “sauna-like sweatbox” has lead to a homicide investigation of the October 8 “Spiritual Warrior” program by self-help expert James Arthur Ray at the Angel Valley Retreat Center near Sedona, Arizona (CNN, 10/18). Ray is widely known for leading programs that “claim to teach individuals how to create wealth from all aspects of their lives -- financially, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

At the program, up to 65 participants, ranging from 30 to 60 years of age, “spent up to two hours inside the sweatbox, a dome-like structure covered with tarps and blankets, the sheriff's office said. Hot rocks and water are used to create steam in the enclosed environment… Fire and rescue officials received an emergency call from the resort and transported the injured by air and land ambulances to nearby medical facilities, the sheriff's office said. Two people were pronounced dead shortly after arrival at a local medical center.”

As a Chicago personal injury attorney, I am concerned about the incidents leading to the three deaths and eighteen injuries. One should consult with their doctor before engaging in any sort of activity or exercise at extraordinarily hot and humid conditions.

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