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Despite Claims from Chamber of Commerce, Arbitration Does Not Benefit Consumers

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arbitration, Chicago personal injury lawyerMost Americans know that corporations who make the products they enjoy are out for profit, and that they often bend the truth to do so. But what they may not know is that, behind those companies, there are organizations that seem to have the public’s best interest in mind. Nothing more than a set of smoke screens and mirrors, these organizations help hide the ugly truth: the corporate world can be an ugly, deceptive, and apathetic to the very consumers who purchase their products. Case in point: a recent blog post from the Chamber of Commerce on the “benefits” of forced arbitration.

What is Arbitration?

Used as an alternative to litigation, arbitration was originally intended for businesses. Similar to traditional courts, only less formal, it gave them a way to negotiate contracts and other business-related deals at a lower cost and in less time. These were collective agreements where both parties possessed similar levels of power, and that kept the playing field even and somewhat fair. But when arbitration made its way into consumer agreements, it became a way to abuse power and keep disgruntled consumers quiet.

Lies, Deceit, and the Organizations that Cover it All

Once upon a time, corporations feared the idea of class action lawsuits and, if for no other reason than to avoid large payouts to consumers, they worked hard to be honest and dependable. When arbitration came along, all of that started to change. No longer did they have to worry about the massive payouts; arbitration keeps consumers from banding together, and the recovery is often so small, and the process is so intensive that many forgo the fight altogether.

For those brave enough and willing to continue the pursuit, the process is silent, hidden from the public eye so that corporations never have to worry about the smears that allegations of fraud and defective products would leave on their reputation. To make matters worse, corporations are using deceptive organizations to cast smoke screens that hide the true nature of forced arbitration. After all, keeping you in the dark profits them and their affiliates.

Chamber of Commerce versus the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

At first glance, it would seem that both organizations have your best interest in mind. If you delve a little deeper, however, it becomes clear that one is not quite like the other. The Chamber of Commerce wants you to believe that arbitration is good for you, that you will somehow save time and money during the process when, in fact, the only people gaining anything are the companies and corporations who have already lied to, stolen from, or defrauded you.

Arbitration Everywhere

The only thing better for corporations than arbitration itself is that it has now become easy to use and hide. It is in the fine print of a contract. It is in the hyperlink on a web browser. And it is conveniently tucked in mounds of legal jargon that consumers may not understand, let alone read. But not reading it, not knowing just how prevalent it is, means you are willingly signing away your right to seek compensation if or when a company wrongs you.

Do not be fooled; stand up for your rights. Always read the fine print, and when you are faced with a case, seek the assistance of the experienced and skilled Chicago product liability attorneys of Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. With more than 75 years of combined experience and a passion for victims of corporate negligence and abuse, we offer aggressive representation for your case. Call 312-553-4900 and schedule your free initial consultation today.


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