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Drivers Stranded by Snowstorms did the Right Thing

Posted on in Motor Vehicle Accidents

As a Chicago personal injury attorney, I want to spread this safety information, which can be critical during the winter months. Three intense winter storms in New York have made a nightmare for many come true for some drivers – being stranded on the roadway for hours. Experts say, however, that the drivers did the right thing by staying put and not risking being lost on foot in blizzard conditions. (Buffalo NY AP, 12/15).

However, where shelter is visible, it may be wise to try to get to shelter. Nonetheless, experts advice passengers “to stay in your car if stranded is especially true if there's no other shelter in sight and there's still gas in the engine to power the heat. It's best to just use your cell phone and stay in your vehicle until we can get out there and get somebody to get you out of there," Indiana State Trooper Jones said.

The Department of Homeland Security further urges “travelers to know what they're headed into when they get on the road, and to be prepared with a disaster kit that includes blankets and a shovel. The must-haves for winter driving Include: fully charged cell phone, small shovel, food and water, heavy gloves, scarf and hat, and a warning device to signal other drivers, like flares or reflective triangles.” Stranded drivers should turn on and run the engine for approximately 10 minutes every house to warm up, but should crack the window and ensure the tailpipe is clear of snow to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.

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