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Ex-Chicago priest in high-profile child pornography case goes free after 17 years in federal prison

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Ex-Chicago sex-abuser priest Vincent McCaffrey free after 17 years in prison for child pornography ( - Dec 13 2019

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  • Former Catholic priest Vincent McCaffrey gained his freedom months earlier than his previously scheduled release because of a federal law signed last year by President Donald Trump that cuts inmates an additional break if they behave behind bars.
  • The Archdiocese of Chicago, the arm of the Catholic church for Cook and Lake counties overseen by Cardinal Blase Cupich, wouldn't discuss McCaffrey other than spokeswoman Anne Maselli saying he has been on a publicly available list of abuser priests since 2006.
  • A portion of a court transcript showing Vincent McCaffrey being questioned during his child pornography trial by federal prosecutor T. Markus Funk.
  • St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church in Wheeling is one of the churches where Vincent McCaffrey served as a priest.

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