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FDA Cracks Down on Misleading Food Labeling

March 7, 2010  ·  By HM&M


The Food and Drug Administration is “cracking down on baby food manufacturers and other companies for misleading nutrition labeling on their products, the beginning of a larger effort to set stricter standards for the labels” (M. Jalonick, AP Washington, 3/5). Recent warning letters sent to 17 food companies highlighted unauthorized claims made regarding health and nutrient content.

The agency communicated to big name companies including Nestle/Gerber, Beech-nut, First Juice, Inc., Want Want Foods, and PBM products. Although there is nothing wrong per se with the baby food, the agency is concerned that labels on the products make claims regarding heath and nutrition that are not empirically supportable.

The agency said back in October “that nutritional labels from food manufacturers may be misleading consumers about the actual health benefits of cereal, crackers and other processed foods and sent a letter to companies saying it would begin cracking down on inaccurate food labeling. On Wednesday, the agency said it would soon propose new guidelines for calorie and nutrient labeling on the front of food packages.”

In response to the letters, companies have fifteen days to propose solutions to the label issues. As a products liability attorney in Chicago, I am pleased that the FDA is addressing these labeling issues quickly.

March 7, 2010

FDA Using Computer Program To Track Risky Imports

New technology is allowing the Food and Drug Administration to utilize an automated system to sort through millions of foreign shipments and identify food and drugs that are most likely to be contaminated and dangerous to consumers (AP for Findlaw, 2/4). This promising new system, aptly called PREDICT, “will help inspectors target shipments for inspection... Read More

March 7, 2010

Government Orders Recall of 1.2 Million High Chairs

As a products liability and personal injury attorney in Chicago, I urge parents to pay attention to recalls affecting products they may be using for their children and replace the recalled products as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary injuries. This week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of 1.2 million high chairs... Read More

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