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FDA Guidance Document Clarifies When Product Changes Establish Need for Recall

Posted on in Medical Malpractice

FDA product recalls, Chicago product liability lawyerThe FDA has instituted a final guidance document in order for companies to clearly distinguish a recall from a market withdrawal. Part of the draft version of the new guidance called for reporting of any enhancement of a product, a factor critical when determining potential health risks and dangers to consumers.

Many in the medical device industry were concerned about additional paperwork rather than focusing on the importance of detailed documentation for the benefits of safety. Certain devices have been approved for market that have represented an upgrade, innovation, or correction to a previous device and have resulted in recalls.

It is a manufacturer’s responsibility to find the original source of the problem and not look at a defect as an isolated incident. One of the main intentions of the new guidance is to clarify when a change to a device constitutes a product recall. One example states, “a change to a marketed device to address false or misleading labeling or other labeling violations would generally constitute a medical device recall.”

The FDA categorizes recalls into the following groups:

  • Class I recall;
  • Class II recall;
  • Class III recall;
  • Market withdrawal; and
  • Medical device safety alert.

A Class I recall is a situation where there is reasonable probability that exposure of a defective product will lead to serious adverse health conditions or death. A market withdrawal is when a product has a minor violation that is removed from market or corrected. All products or enhancements to products must abide by FDA regulations and the FD&C (Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act).

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