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Federal Regulators Call for Mandatory Brake Override System

April 13, 2012  ·  By HM&M


In response to the deadly crash and subsequent recall of millions of Toyota and Lexus automobiles due to unintended acceleration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing that all automakers be required to design a brake-throttle override system into future vehicles.

These override systems would prevent unintended accelerations by automatically releasing the throttle when the car's on board computer senses that the brake pedal is depressed, and thus unable to function.

As a car and truck accident attorney in Chicago, I am pleased to see the federal government taking steps to address an important vehicle safety issue. I hope automakers do not resist this key proposal. Particularly as someone who lives in Chicago, with its high volume of traffic, any type of regulation that makes the roads safer is encouraging.

April 13, 2012

Confession Four Years Later Highlights Impediments to Justice in Hit-and-Run Accidents

Four years ago, a 20 year old woman was tragically struck and killed by a driver while crossing the street in the early morning hours. After hitting the woman, the driver stopped momentarily but then fled the scene as others arrived, even though he knew the woman was seriously hurt. This fatal hit-and-run went unsolved... Read More

April 13, 2012

Kids Confusing Mini Laundry Detergent Packets with Candy

Recently, miniature laundry detergent packets began appearing in stores across the country. These mini detergent packets provide an alternative to large bottles and detergent spills. Yet despite their convenience, doctors are reporting that children are confusing these packets with candy and swallowing them. With approximately 250 cases reported to poison control centers already this year... Read More

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