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Fido’s Food Could Be Making Kids Sick, Report Says

August 25, 2010  ·  By HM&M


A recent outbreak of salmonella has been linked to Fido's Foods by a government report that warns, “Fido's food may be making kids sick.” (Lindsey Tanner, AP Medical, 8/9). The outbreak is the first one in humans linked to pet food. Between 2006 and 2008, the outbreak sickened nearly 80 people, nearly half of which were toddlers aged 2 and younger.

Although recognized less than it should be, “pet foods are a source of salmonella infections in humans, as at least six unrelated pet food recalls have been issued this year by manufacturers because of possible salmonella contamination,” according to Food and Drug Administration. A s a personal injury attorney, I encourage all parents to keep young children away from pet food

August 25, 2010

FDA To Review First Three New Weight Loss Drugs

With the U.S. obesity rates approaching 35 percent of adults, many are excited to get “their first extensive look at the first of a trio of new weight loss drugs this week. The hope is that the new drugs can succeed where many others have failed: delivering significant weight loss without risky side effects.” (Matthew... Read More

August 25, 2010

Experts Again Encourage Staying Away from Raw Eggs

With salmonella concerns “triggering the recall of more than a half-billion eggs in more than a dozen states,” experts stand by their long-standing, and simple advice: run away from raw or runny eggs. (S. Reitz, AP, 8/25). However, experts have also come up with food safety tips to keep cooks at home “in the kitchen... Read More

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