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How to File a Lawsuit Against the DuPage Medical Group, Also Known as Duly Health & Care

August 17, 2022  ·  By HM&M


DuPage Medical Group, Illinois’ largest independent multispecialty physician group, is involved in legal proceedings (see the details of the lawsuit here).

DuPage has been accused of negligence in its disregard for patient safety amid sexual abuse and sexual assault and battery accusations against obstetrician-gynecologist Vernon Cannon, M.D.

DuPage’s negligence is related to the sexual battery of a female patient, known to the court as Jane Doe. Doe alleges that she saw Cannon for an outpatient gynecological medical diagnostic procedure, and he initiated unconsented and unwelcomed physical contact. 

According to the Complaint, DuPage Medical Group’s own records include multiple patient reports of Cannon practicing while intoxicated. Despite these reports, the Complaint alleges that DuPage Medical Group neglected to investigate the issue or discipline Dr. Cannon over an 18-month period.

The number of sexual abuse victims at the hands of DuPage Medical Group is unknown. But if you were a victim, you have options. 

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How to Know if You Were a Victim of Sexual Abuse or Negligence

In the DuPage Medical Group case, the medical group is falling under fire for negligence. 

That’s because the group allegedly knew about the reports of misconduct related to Dr. Cannon and neglected to intervene with disciplinary actions or communication with the patients. 

Due to DuPage’s purposeful inaction, people were harmed (like Jane Doe). Doe’s inexcusable experience could have been prevented if not for DuPage’s negligence. 

If you experienced anything that sounds like or is related to the below while a patient at DuPage Medical Group, you could be a victim of its alleged negligence and may be able to sue:

  • A doctor or employee making unwanted physical contact.
  • A doctor performing a procedure you didn’t agree upon. 
  • A doctor or employee making you feel uncomfortable in any way. 
  • Something happening to you that just didn’t seem right, even if a doctor or employee reassured you that it was okay. 

Your next step may be to file a lawsuit. 

Filing a Lawsuit Against DuPage Medical Group Starts Here

The only way to know for sure whether your experience is legal grounds for filing a lawsuit against DuPage Medical Group is to speak with an experienced attorney

Qualified attorneys will not only be able to map your experience to the letter of the law and discern whether you have a case, but they also have deep networks of industry experts across fields like healthcare—these people can offer insight that may help you and the courts better understand what happened. 

Hurley McKenna & Mertz has represented thousands of sexual abuse victims and understands the emotional nature of reliving your experience. As incredibly difficult as it may be, an opportunity to seek justice and potentially recover damages that support your road to healing can help you close the chapter for good. 

For an absolutely free and confidential consultation, contact us here.

August 17, 2022

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