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How to Know if Your Preeclampsia is Grounds for a Malpractice Lawsuit

May 6, 2021  ·  By HM&M

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Any parent knows that the journey into welcoming a new baby into the world is far from routine. But from a medical standpoint, most expectant mothers experience a pregnancy, labor, and delivery that is without complications.

That doesn’t apply to all, however. Complications do arise, and we rely on the medical professionals in charge of our care to respond swiftly and decisively to protect both mother and child.

A common cause of birth complications is preeclampsia, a condition often characterized by high blood pressure and signs of organ damage, most often the liver or kidneys. Left undiagnosed or untreated, preeclampsia can lead to severe birth defects for the child or death for the mother.

Important symptoms that may suggest that you have or had preeclampsia during your pregnancy are headaches, abdominal pain, shortness of breath or burning behind the sternum, nausea and vomiting, confusion, heightened state of anxiety, and/or visual disturbances such as oversensitivity to light, blurred vision, or seeing flashing spots or auras. Preeclampsia and related hypertensive disorders of pregnancy impact 5-8% of all births in the United States

Most women with preeclampsia will deliver healthy babies and fully recover. However, some women will experience complications, several of which may be life-threatening to the mother or her baby. Preeclampsia can become severe very quickly. The rate of preeclampsia in the US has increased 25% in the last two decades and is a leading cause of illness and death to mothers and their babies.

Preeclampsia can be a devastating disease, made worse by delays in diagnosis or delivery of the baby.  The standard of care for the treatment of preeclampsia when then the mother is at 36 weeks or greater in her pregnancy is immediate cesarean section delivery of the baby.

The failure of obstetricians, emergency physicians and other hospital employees to promptly diagnose and treat preeclampsia can seriously injure or kill women and their babies, or result in the baby being permanently injured with brain damage and cerebral palsy. So how do you know if your preeclampsia may be grounds for a malpractice lawsuit?

How Do I Know If I Have a Possible Claim?

If you or a woman you love suffered preeclampsia, and the woman died or her baby was born with severe injuries such as brain damage, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or cerebral palsy, the mother, the baby, and the family of the injured parties may have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit. We’ve represented many victims of medical malpractice due to the negligent diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia, and can help identify if the medical staff was negligent in your care.

Contact us today and learn how we can help you receive the compensation and justice for this emotionally trying episode for you and your baby.

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