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BSA Bankruptcy Update – How You Can Help HMM Support Your Claim

February 5, 2024  ·  By mark

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This post is directed to current clients of Hurley McKenna & Mertz P.C. who have made claims in the Boy Scout bankruptcy proceeding.  We believe that the strength of your BSA abuse claim will depend on supporting your claim with proof that you and your abuser were connected to Scouting.  Boy Scout troop rosters listing your name and your abuser’s name are the best evidence.  However, in many cases the BSA’s local councils failed to maintain adequate records regarding troop membership.

You can help us support your claim by providing us with signed “Third-Party Witness Statement” forms from individuals with direct knowledge of your involvement in Scouting, and your abuser’s involvement in Scouting.

If you have a friend or family member that can verify that YOU participated in Scouting, click on the following link and use the Pink Form:  Third-Party Witness Statement Form – Claimant Connection to Scouting (Pink Form) (5)

If you have a friend or family member that can verify that YOUR ABUSER participated in Scouting, click on the following link and use the Olive Form: Third-Party Witness Statement Form – Abuser Connection to Scouting (Olive Form) (3).

You DO NOT need to fill in the “Claim SST ID” information at the top of the forms — we will add that number to the witness statements.

You can submit both the Pink Form and the Olive Form if you have one friend or family member who can verify your involvement in Scouting, while another friend or family member can verify your abuser’s involvement in Scouting.

Once each form is filled-out and signed, please email it to us at

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