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Important Tips For Protecting Loved Ones Against Nursing Home Abuse

May 23, 2013  ·  By HM&M


Unfortunately, many elderly individuals face abuse and neglect in nursing homes today. As a Chicago personal injury attorney who tries many nursing home abuse cases, I have seen the devastating impact of nursing home abuse and neglect on the elderly and their loved ones. Yet, there are numerous ways to protect your loved one from receiving poor treatment both while selecting nursing homes and after your loved one enters a home.

Linda Johnson of the AP provides very helpful suggestions for ensuring that your loved one is not subjected to nursing home abuse. First, she suggests finding a nursing home that is close to your home. This will allow you to frequently visit your loved one and monitor the care that he or she is receiving. Second, she encourages those looking for nursing homes to get references on the facilities and to particularly favor facilities that are certified by Medicare. Third, she suggests examining the ratio of aides to patients to ensure your loved ones will be adequately cared for. Finally, she wisely suggests observing the overall atmosphere while visiting the facility. Specifically, you should look to see if patients seem happy and if the staff is treating the patients with care and respect.

The choice of nursing homes is a very important decision that can greatly influence the experience of your loved ones late in life. I highly encourage you to follow Linda Johnson’s guide to avoid the tragic situations of nursing home abuse that I see on a day to day basis.

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