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It Just Keeps Coming

Posted on in Sexual Abuse Litigation

It just keeps coming.

The institutions that downplayed the crisis--that denied knowing about sexual predators in their midst, that protected the abusers and covered up for them so they could hurt more and more children--just keep admitting to more.

Today it was the Archdiocese of Chicago. After years of denial, the Archdiocese has released thousands of pages of internal church documents showing how it concealed sexual abuse for decades, moving priests to new parishes where they molested again.

But we still don't know everything. The files only cover 30 priests, and even the Archdiocese acknowledges there are many more. As reported in USA Today, I told the reporter my take on this latest disclosure: "They have hand-picked 30 priests, but if they really are all about redemption and forgiveness they should release documents involving all the priests."

Sadly enough, we don't know how far this all goes. But here’s what I do know:

It will just keep coming.

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